Our Services

Tornilans Atlas is committed and dedicated to deliver its services to user in a very good quality. We find building and civil construction ; Wood Works; Cleaning Services and Supplying as Key Factors of our services. Our dedicated teams are fully equipped to render adequate services to our clients and customers according to principle of Humanity.  

Building & Civil Construction

Roads, Bridges, Bulk Earth Works , Sewage Systems, Pump Stations, Dams, Multi-story High rise Building and houses/apartments.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Offices, yards, roads, schools and more. Our cleaning services includes cleaning material and machinery that are adequate for rendering the services.

Wood Works

Carpentry, Ceilings,Build in Kitchen Units, Tables, Office Furniture,Wardrobe and more.


We supply vast of goods and services according to customers needs and specifications. For example, Quality Hydraulic Trolleys, Walkie Talkie


We Provide The Best Service In Industry

We are offering quote & consultation for free

Our Specialization

We are proud provider of the services delivering to our customers needs and specification.

Supplying Materials

Through our partnership with manufactures nationally and internationally, we offer best quality products.

Building Construction

Architecture, engineers, and builders relationship is the key common factor standard used to satisfy your requirements.


We always make sure that measurements are as accurate according to the structural design or shape.

Civil Construction

Reinforcement, Steel bending and Shuttering are the backbones of various structures we specialize on.

Wood Work

A short description of this quality. Make these lines enticing enough to prove that you are the best in all you do.


Our well trained personnel offer a very hygienic services with sparkling results. Cleanness is what come first in all services we offers.